I downloaded and installed the new web browser Flock this morning, although browser probably isn’t quite the right word for this digital tool that allows users to combine a variety of web 2.0 tools into one app. For example, I have my bookmarks linked directly to del.icio.us so that anytime I bookmark something it will go into my del.icio.us account and can be shared and tagged right away. In addition, I transferred my Feedreader settings to the “My News” feature of Flock, so I don’t have to check my aggregator separately.Flock also has a photo sharing feature, a video downloader that can be used to get video from places like youTube, Google, and Metacafe, and FootieFox, to get your soccer scores live. And by the way, I’m writing this blog using the blogging feature built in to Flock as well.

I’m still playing with the different features and while there are some quirky things from time to time, and the app seems to be launching and running a little slower than your run-of-the-mill web browser, I like it so far. It’s really aimed at those of us who are into the web 2.0 thing. I’ll keep you posted on my experiences with this app, and would be interested in hearing about potential applications of this new tool for teaching and learning, especially given the way school districts seem to still be shying away from any type of social software.

In the meantime, click here for a nice review of Flock by Wade Roush.

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