Teaching = Designing

I finished reading In the Bubble last night (see also this earlier post). A couple of additional thoughts here about how his writing about designing applies to teaching and learning.

Thackara talks about the notion of design mindfulness (pp. 6-7), which means:

  • thinking about the consequences of design actions before we take them and pay close attention to the natural, industrial, and cultural systems that are the context of our design actions;
  • consider material and energy flows in all the systems we design;
  • give priority over human agency and not treat humans as a “factor” in some bigger picture;
  • deliver value to people – not deliver people to systems;
  • treat “content” as something we do, not something we are sold;
  • treat place, time, and cultural difference as positive values, not as obstacles;
  • focus on services, not on things, and refrain from flooding the world with pointless devices.

I think the analogy between design mindfulness and teaching are pretty obvious. As teachers, we are designers of learning, and “system” could be analogous to schools or education. Keep that in mind and you’ll get the picture….

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