NECC 2006: First Impressions


I arrived in San Diego today for ISTE’s annual NECC conference. My stay will be brief but busy. So far it’s been great. The bus ride to the hotel was free, the weather is great, and I had forgotten how big the convention center here is. I spent the afternoon in meetings with the SIG Council, discussing all kinds of interesting and exciting ways in which we are going to make the SIGS and collaboration between the SIGs better, potentially using some of the social software tools out there, like blogging, wikis, and RSS feeds.

Following the meeting I ran into Graham Brown-Marting from Handheld Learning in the UK. I hadn’t seen him since last year and we had a nice talk. We mostly discussed how teaching and learning are going to have to change if we are to fully embrace the potential of Web 2.0 + mobile devices = Web 2.5.

Other than that, not much to report so far, other than that the trade show so far has been somewhat disappointing: not very many mobile technologies here, and not many new things. The products displayed seem very similar to last year’s, and venders are, well, venders….. I hope to do a more in-depth visit tomorrow in between sessions and the SIGHC business meeting. More then…..

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