Too Much of a Good Thing…


It’s funny how new information about Internet technology and China keep popping up in my Feedreader. Here’s a rundown of a few recent pieces:

In a post dated 7/5/06 on ChangeWaves, John Cashman writes about China’s increased attempts to provide IP Protection to help companies protect their intellectual property, and potential issues related to government involvement.

Then there was this article on CNN yesterday entitled:  “MySpace founder adds China to friends list” discussing how Brad Greenspan is going to try to enter the Chinese Internet market:

Brad Greenspan said Wednesday that he founded BroadWebAsia, which has in turn taken stakes in 20 Chinese Internet companies that focus on entertainment and — like MySpace — social networking.

Seems like things are moving right along in China, especially in cities like Shanghai that seem to be ahead of the curve. Of course, all of this Internet access also comes with a price, as this article (and I found it posted on several sites inside and outside of China, the original source is the Shanghai Daily) shows: “Web addict ‘shelter’ opens”:

CHINA has opened its first halfway house for internet addicts, offering shell-shocked teenagers counselling, books – and the use of computers.

The shelter can hold four minors for one-night stays and help bridge gaps between children and parents, the Shanghai Daily said.

“None of the teenagers are forced to come here,” the newspaper quoted Wang Hui, the house’s chief social worker, as saying.

“We wander around in nearby internet bars at night and bring them to the halfway house if the teen agrees.”

Computer and online gaming has exploded in China in recent years, with an estimated 14 million people taking part.

While 14 million people is but a fraction of the population of China, it’s still a very large group of people, and I suspect that most of them would be in their teens and twenties. As we keep blogging, discussing, and reflecting on ubiquitous technology for teaching, learning, and life, let’s keep in mind that there can be too much of a good thing…


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