APEC Cyber Academy


I recently got involved in a very interesting project. It is called APEC Cyber Academy, and is funded by the Taiwanese government and APEC. A description of the program:

APEC Cyber Academy &
APEC 2006 International Online Contest

October 2, 2006 ~ December 3, 2006

The APEC Cyber Academy (ACA, http://linc.hinet.net/apec/) is an international networked learning environment designed specifically for K-12 students. The primary goal of ACA is to provide learner-centric, collaborative, ICT, and international learning experiences to K-12 students and teachers around the world. Launched in 2002, ACA is currently hosted by the APEC Digital Content Production Center (APEC CPC) under auspices of APEC/EDNET and the Ministry of Education of Chinese Taipei (Taiwan). With its outstanding networked learning environment and high quality digital content, ACA has already attracted many international users. As of December 2005, ACA has over ten thousands registered learners from various APEC member economies.

ACA has hosted an annual international online contest since 2002. The nine-week event for 2006 will start on the 2nd of October and conclude on the 3rd of December. The contest is composed of three programs: the APEC Networked Collaborative Learning Program, the APEC Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Cyber Camp, and the APEC Journalistic Kids. The former two programs are associated with team projects that only accept group entry. On the other hand, the APEC Journalist Kids is pertaining to personal efforts and only accepts individual entries.

  • APEC Networked Collaborative Learning Program

The collaborative learning program consists of four independent learning projects: Money, Convenience Store, A Day in Our School, and Our Holidays. To participate in one of these projects, students have to form teams, take part in weekly learning activities, complete assignments collaboratively, and even communicate with their distant learning partners through ACA’s communication tools.

  • APEC ICT Cyber Camp

The virtual summer camp focuses on both learning ICT skills and building up international learning communities. Participants have to pass two online computer games, APEC Challenger and APEC Traveler, before they are authorized to form teams of five including one teacher or parent. The ICT Cyber Camp is composed of a sequence of six correlated learning modules designed with advanced and interactive technologies.

  • APEC Journalistic Kids

This is an activity in which students play the role of local correspondents of their classes or schools for ACA. After being authorized as a residential journalist, every participating kid is encouraged to try his/her best to do digital storytelling in ACA about his or her local community.

Awards and Prizes

For the APEC Networked Collaborative Learning Program and APEC ICT Cyber Camp, the performance of each team in these programs will be evaluated based on their respective evaluation rubrics. The winning teams will be awarded a group certificate of merit from Minister of Education, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan). Furthermore, the best team in each program will be awarded a personal computer (one computer per team).

As for the APEC Journalistic Kids, the performance of each journalist will be evaluated based on evaluation rubrics. The winning journalistic kids will be awarded a certificate of merit from Minister of Education, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan). Furthermore, the best journalist will also receive a personal computer.


For more details about the online contests, please go to the APEC Cyber Academy at http://linc.hinet.net/apec/ or e-mail: apec@avatar.nutn.edu.tw.

I’m excited to be a part of this project and will be acting as an online tutor for the ICT Cyber Camp. What I like about this project are the collaboration and networking, and the fact that kids from all over the world get to interact with each other in an educational and safe environment online. As of right now, the project is especially looking for teams and individual participants from the United States and Europe, so if you’re interested, check it out and join the fun!!

Feel free to repost this information on your blog, website etc.

Image Credit: APEC (http://linc.hinet.net/apec/login/login.asp)

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