Teachers Take Heed, Part II


I just finished reading Jeff Utecht’s anniversary post, “1 year and counting” on the Thinking Stick. I’ve been following Jeff’s blog for a while now, originally because he’s working in education in Shanghai, a city I visited this summer and am still very intrigued by. However, the more I’m reading his blog, the more I’m realizing how issues of teaching, learning, and technology are similar all over the world. The context may change, but at their core, the issues that Jeff faces are very similar to the ones we face here in Ohio. This may be an indication of a world that is increasingly connected at global levels. If only we could get more teachers to see the power of the Read/Write Web.

 I could say many more things about Jeff’s post, as much of what he says about getting into the Read/Write Web rings very true for me as well, but I really urge you to go read his post yourself to get the full effect. In any event, congratulations Jeff, and here’s to your second year 🙂 Keep sharing…

Image Credit: http://jeff.scofer.com/thinkingstick/(I actually borrowed the Image Header from his blog 😉 )


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