Five Days until the K12online Conference


Reposted from Will Richardson’s Web-logged:

…5 Days, 12 Hrs, 48 min and 53…er…51…you get the idea seconds as of this writing…that’s when David Warlick’s keynote goes up on the Conference Blog and let me just say that I just got a sneak preview of David’s talk (I am a psuedo organizer of the conference, ya know) and IT IS FANTASTIC!

But you’ll just have to see for yourselves in 5 Days, 12 Hrs, 45 min and 44…er…41 seconds. Spread the word!

So I’m spreading the word…. I noted btw that the link to the conference site is wrong in the original post so I fixed it here. Also, take a look at the comments posted, interesting….

Although I didn’t get a chance to put a proposal in for a presentation, I will definitely try to follow the conference. Should be a worthwhile event.

Image Credit: K12conferenceonline:


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