Battery Life, Part II


My first real post on this blog dealt with the issue of battery life (or lack thereof) in mobile devices, and some of the research that is being done at Intel that’s looking into a concept similar to the use of how RFID devices work.

I ran across another research project a couple of days ago, which is reported on in this Technology Review article. Entitled “Charging Batteries without Wires”, the article discusses research at MIT that is investigating the possibility to recharge mobile devices wirelessly, using a small base station plugged in to an outlet.

While the work is still theoretical, the implications for mobile device users could be substantial. For educational purposes, this could mean the elimination of hassles such as trying to keep handheld devices charged in the classroom, or not having to worry any more about a mobile device dying while in a museum or even just out on the street. Of course, this could only happen if the base stations would be as ubiquitous as say, lamp posts…

Image Credit: oskay’s photostream:


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