Another Good Reason Why Technology and Media Literacy Should Be a Part of Every Education


From CNN: “Today’s leaders juggle e-mails, blogs and integrity“:

(CNN) — Think about this scenario: A leader misspeaks, the comments are posted on a blog three minutes later, and within an hour media organizations have picked up the comments, reporting them on television and online.

Meanwhile, this leader’s BlackBerry buzzes every 30 seconds with bosses, colleagues and family members all wondering the same thing: Did you really say that?

It happens.

Today’s leaders are facing challenges their predecessors never knew — an up-to-the-second era where technology connects us all, where multimillion dollar business deals can be sealed from most any corner of the world and where the BlackBerry and Treo can track you down at any second. It’s an information smorgasbord where the demands are ever growing and the pace is frantic.

Today’s kids will be tomorrow’s leaders. They are supposed to take care of us once we’ve retired. We all know that. According to the article, these future leaders will need to

  • have vision and integrity
  • be able to adapt and be flexible
  • be able to multitask
  • have the skills to manage people
  • have charisma and passion
  • be media savvy

Note that many of these skills are nothing new and were important before technology became a pervasive tool. The big difference today is that because of a plethora of digital communication channels and 24-hour news media, leaders are always within reach (I blogged about that here), and always under scrutiny (there are plenty of examples of this on YouTube such as this one and this one and other sites).

As a result, it’s important today to not only be media savvy, but to have better mastery of other skills mentioned above as well if you want to be a good leader and citizen. Kids can deal with the digital tools, it’s up to us to help them master the other skills…

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