Spotlight on Handheld Computing (Shameless Plug)


This month’s SIG Newsletter from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) contains a section about ISTE’s Special Interest Group on Handheld Computing (SIGHC). There are three short features provided by SIGHC members as well as an interview with its chair (and that would be me 🙂 ). An additional nine feature stories will be published in future SIGHC newsletters. They didn’t get included in the current SIG newsletter due to lack of space.

SIGHC is a fairly new group but a very active one. Many of the leaders in the handheld computing field can be counted among its members, including Tony Vincent, Elliot Soloway, Cathie Norris, Mike Curtis, Graham Brown-Martin, and Julie Lindsay. Even though the name of the SIG implies handhelds, we are an organization that is interested in any type of highly mobile device, including cell phones, media players, and handheld computers.

We’ll have a variety of SIGHC-sponsored sessions at NECC 2007 in Atlanta, as well as our regular business meeting. We are also co-hosting the 1st Annual Leadership Summit for Learning Technology Research, Development, and Dissemination (more info on that to follow). If you’re interested, come check us out!


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