Mobile Learning Redefined, Part II


So many good conferences and workshops to go to, so little time and money 😦
Here is a another good one called Beyond Mobile Learning, held the past three days in Villars, Switzerland. I had seen the site, but forgot about it. My attention was drawn back to it as I ran across this post by Mauru Cherubini and thought back about my initial posting “Mobile Learning Redefined.” The main idea she picked up from the workshop is the interest in

using mobile technologies for shifting from being a ’spectator’ of media to ‘creator’ of media. One of the pedagogical value they see in these is the fact that media creation can bring a group of participant to a negotiation of perspectives.

This is right in line with the developments we’ve been seeing online in the last year or two, so nothing really, really new. However, I think that media sharing online will not get to its full potential until it can be easily done on the fly, anywhere, anytime; and most likely, you’ll need a mobile device for that. We’re seeing some inroads in being able to do so, but we still have a long way to go. The result of this development will be that learners not only create their own learning context, but also their own content within this context.

The emphasis on media creation is an important one for education. For example, I’m still not too convinced that an iPod is an effective learning tool, because too many of the uses and ideas I see in education have to do with content delivery.  Granted, content delivery can be useful, but should not be the only way in which an iPod is used. As discussed by several educational bloggers (like Jeff Utecht and Wes Fryer) with regards to a revamping of Bloom’s taxonomy as described on the website of the American Psychological Association, (media) creation should be at the top of the pyramid. And even then, we have to be careful in that what is created is not simple regurgitation of content learned, as discussed by Christian Long in his post “Is Podcasting the New PowerPointing, Or Will We Finally Teach that the Audience Matters?” After all, we want learners who can think and act for themselves, and who can create and tell their own stories; to quote Juliet Sprake from another one of Mauru Cherubini’s posts:

Do we want a gadget that can see through buildings or do we want learners that can find cracks in the concrete?

(via Leonard Low)

Image credit: “Concrete to the Sky”. Brian U’s photostream:


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