Continuous Partial Attention, or When Can Technology Become Too Much? Part II


Interesting post today on the Web Worker Daily blog, entitled “Open Thread: How Do You Cope with Web-Induced Attention Deficit Disorder?” I can definitely identify with this one, as I spend a substantial part of my work day (and beyond) online. The post provides some tips to deal with this, as reposted from Business Week’s Working Parents blog post about Dr. Edward Hallowell’s book CrazyBusy: Overstretched, Overbooked, and About to Snap – Strategies for Coping in a World Gone ADD:

1) Set aside time to work before you check your e-mail or snail mail or voice mail, before you allow the world to intrude on your fresh and focused state of mind.

2) Do not allow the world to have access to you 24/7. Turn off your BlackBerry and cell phone. Stretch or have a five-minute conversation. When you sit down again, you’ll be focused.

3) Prioritizing is crucial. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself spread so thin you’ll only be able to see your good friends on the first Tuesday in February.

4) Give yourself permission to end relationships and projects that drain you.

5) Do what you’re good at and delegate the rest. This is important, because when we do what we’re good at, the work can take on the quality of play.

6) Keep in mind that some of our best thoughts come when we’re doing nothing. Downtime is a forgotten art.

Of course I added the Web Worker Daily blog to my feeds, I need more info; and  … in order to fulfill esp. numbers 2 and 6 on the list of suggestions, I’m going camping this weekend 😉

Image credit: “Multitasking”, Tscherno’s photostream:

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