Why communication is important…


Found this story via Darren Kuropatwa’s blog. It’s called “Safety v. Panic“, a powerful, personal experience about what can go wrong with the use of technology for teaching and learning when people don’t communicate. I fully agree with Darren’s comments that

Maybe if everybody tried talking to each other before they started pointing fingers they might learn from each other, understand each other better, figure out a way to meet everyone’s needs better and maybe, just maybe, the kids would have really learned something … and it would have stuck.

This is exactly the stuff I wrote about in my recent Innovate article (free registration required) on building relationships with technology and kids, but on a much broader scale. It’s easy to point fingers, ban, sue, and punish. This type of attitude also takes up a lot of valuable resources (time, money….) that would be better spent on, say … educating?

Read the original post and the comments, read Darren’s comments, and let me know what you think …

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2 responses to “Why communication is important…

  1. Thanks so much for linking to my post. I think that this is an incredibly complex issue, but my students and I are working on a solution. I have started to outline it in a podcast on Transparency and a new term that I am working on, called Digital Ex-Patriots. You can check it out at http://bhwilkoff.podomatic.com/entry/2007-05-14T21_19_51-07_00. Thanks again for the blog love. By the way, I couldn’t get to your article because the link is broken. I would really like to read it, so let me know when it is unbroken.

  2. Thanks for the reply. Sorry about the link, I fixed it.

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