One Year of Ubiquitous Thoughts


365 days, 107 posts, 1 year of ubiquitous thoughts. What started out as an experiment to see how hard it would be to do actually turned into somewhat of a habit. I have to say though, that blogging on a regular basis has become somewhat of a challenge lately. I just don’t have to time to do it so extreme blogging is definitely not in the picture. Besides, I like my day job too much, so I’ll just keep that one. Blogging has been a great experience so far and I plan to continue, especially with regards to exploring its use in K-12 classroom settings.

I won’t reflect too much here on what my favorite posts are, I already did that at the beginning of this year, and everybody has their own favorites anyway. I will say that blogging has caused me to both read and write more (even when I don’t blog regularly). It is also a good outlet for ideas that will often lead to other pieces, such as this one.

I skim a lot of blogs in my feedreader, probably too many. There are a few I follow regularly though, such as danah boyd, Jeff Utecht, Will Richardson, Wes Fryer, Vicki Davis, and Julie Lindsay, just name a few. I’ve also really gotten into the whole Web 2.0 thing, even if it was just to keep up with my favorite soccer team, PSV Eindhoven, or the Dutch national team 😉, or maintaining ISTE’s Handheld SIG wiki.

One year down, hopefully many more to go. It’s been an interesting ride so far…

Image Credit: “Birthday Cake”; Kaptain Kobolds photostream:

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