NECC, Day 1, EduBloggerCon



I’m at the Edblogger meet up, just made it for the afternoon session (I had forgotten how big the Atlanta airport really is.). I’m following the virtual learning community session:

What is a community? Is it the blog, the rss, …. Is it all of it?

What about the people that don’t say anything? Are they learning? Are they part of the community, and if so, in what capacity? How do we get them engaged?

How do we learn from each other in a blogosphere type of community? Are there particular power centers? Is it more top down than, let’s say, a threaded discussion? Does this have to do with the format?

Action has to be a part of a community. The value of being part of a community is being active in it. You can be a lurker and be passive, but you won’t get as much at of it (most likely).

 How do we get people to engage?

  • tolerance to diversity
  • welcome new people to the community
  • invest in the community by investing in its members
  • there’s an element of trust involved, like in Second Life. Anonymity works against engagement.
  • for many people it takes time to be ready to be fully engaged. What happens in the time up that point? Are you part of the community?
  • you may not need the latest and newest technologies.
  • get teachers involved through professional development.

How does all of it impact how we teach our kids how to deal with virtual communities? Students will rise to the occasion if you will let them. Top down stuff may not work.

These notes are somewhat incomplete, but all in all an interesting conversation.

Resources mentioned:

Badger, Meredith. “Visual Blogs.” Into the Blogosphere: Rhetoric, Community, and Culture of Weblogs.” Ed. Laura J. Gurak, Smiljana Antonijevic, Laurie Johnson, Clancy Ratliff, and Jessica Reyman. June 2004. 10 April 2005

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