Mobile Phones, Mobile Minds


Here is an interesting video from, sent to me by my colleague Graham Brown Martin from Handheld Learning in London. It is called “Mobile Phones, Mobile Minds,” and can be found on or google video. The 26 minute video is an amalgamation of the pros and cons of using mobile phones for education. It’s an interesting piece, containing interviews with lots of different people, including students. According to, the video provides

A look at the world of young people with mobile phones, and the impact on schools and education.

Owning a mobile is becoming an indispensable element of young people’s lives, for both teenagers and increasingly primary age children, all around the world.

Are mobile phones a force for good, or an example of technology gone awry? Is it sensible to ban their use in schools or should this device be given a place in lessons and learning?

I like the video because it does a nice job of juxtaposing statements pro and con, without showing a bias toward one side or the other. Some items of note is the discussion of Prof. Yong Zhao from Michigan State (at about minute 20:30) who is investigating classrooms as ecosystems, with everything in it (teachers, students, technologies) as individual species that compete in a sort of Darwinian way. Also of interest are the closing statements in the final minute or so of the video.

While mostly shot in England, this is definitely worth watching for anybody interested in mobile technology and K-12 education. If you watch the video, please post some comments here.


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