Handheld Learning 2007, Day 1, Reflections on Pedagogy, Karin Andersson and Dale Hinch

Third presentation: Karin Andersson (Malmo University), Dale Hinch (Edexcel); Paper-Works (slideshow is here).

Integrating paper technologies, using novel displays and presentation devices, applications and cross-media/blended media content, understanding practices of publishers, supporting alternative forms of assessment…..

e-Scape (Goldsmiths College, University of London): the development of a system to facilitate design work: making it possible to assess the ability to generate and develop ideas, as well as prove them.

Prototype A. There’s a booklet to capture these that is used during the design task/project exam (by students), and during assessment (by the assessors/teachers).

Prototype B. A3 paper and PDA to capture sketches.

How can augmenting a paper-based design process support collaborative sketching? Technology-based sketching has limitations.

Prototype C. digital paper and digital pen. Can be time stamped. Opening up of the collaborative process because the drawing limitations of the technology are lifted. Teacher can also draw with his/her own pen.

The point is to augment an existing process with technology WITHOUT introducing a new gadget (that could disrupt the process), as is the case with the digital pen.

Sketching is a central part of the interaction.

The technology supports collaboration and cooperation.

Interesting presentation on a relatively simple and useful technology, especially for collaborative problem solving. The question is how kids know which pen is theirs when there are 25 in a room.


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