Handheld Learning 2007, Day 1, Reflections on Pedagogy, Bob Harrison

Fifth presentation:
Bob Harrison: personalization, portability, and freedom computing

Bob started out by talking about his son Kieran, and how his use of technology helps him in his life (he has Asperger Syndrome). Given the nature of the syndrome, this story is a very good example of how Kieran has available to him technologies like a cellphone and Runescape to overcome some of his limitations as a result of him having Asperger. It was also a good example of how schools as institutions can become an obstacle (e.g. by not allowing him to have a cellphone,and then punishing him for both having one AND his inability to understand why he can’t).

There is a mutual interdependence between personalization and mobile learning.

Personalization has five components:
• Assessment for learning
• Effective teaching and learning
• Curriculum enrichment and choice
• Organizing the school for personalized learning
• Beyond the classroom

Portability helps us do lots of things like motivate, personalize, organize….

Resources mentioned:  

Mobile technologies and learning (from the Futurelab report on mobile tech, report #11):
• Behaviorist
• Constructivist
• Situated
• Collaborative
• Informal and lifelong
• Learning and teaching support

Mentioned Big Issues in Mobile Learning (2006): Mobile learning is about learning across contexts and it does not just mean content to small screens (this is paraphrased from the report)

Mobile usability in educational contexts: What have we learned? IRRODL, 2007


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