Handheld Learning 2007, Day 1, Reflections on Pedagogy, Pat Triggs and Marie Gibbs

Last presentation: LA and CLC projects (Becta funded):

  • 1:1, 24/7 ownership, mobility (home and school).
  • Three primary, two secondary schools

What happened to teachers and students when handhelds entered the classroom?

Making sense of a complex story, and looking for pedagogic shift by looking at very small pieces of learning through analyzing video. The following examples were used:

  • Minibeasts clip (using Wildkey software): were there issues of novelty that increased motivation? Everything in one place, instant availability
  • St Stephen clip (retelling a well-known story), using Sketchy to tell a story in a different way
  • Sketching graphs video (HS science), the teacher let the student struggle with making the graph, never succeeded (autonomy v. success, and the dilemma of where to draw the line)
  • Video about videos on PDAs: there was a clear purpose for using the device, and this worked well


  • Obstacles included contextual constraints, teacher priorities, perceptions, and attitudes
  • Shoehorning the learning into the technology? (i.e. going about it backwards)
  • Potential of devices for learning under-exploited
  • Challenge of linking formal and informal learning (this is a key challenge)
  • What is the technology adding?
  • Implications for professional development (a well-known issue)

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