Handheld Learning 2007, Day 2, Hands-On Mobile!


A little late, but nevertheless…..

The Friday afternoon session “Hands-On Mobile” was, as the name suggests, hands on. After the different speakers talked a little bit about their respective projects (slideshow, slideshow), we split into groups and talked to each presenter, who in turn demonstrated their mobile and digital learning materials, such as MLEs on cell phones, including videos, text, and quizzes. Navigation was not very difficult. In fact, a lot of it was pretty intuitive, and you figured it out quickly, even without clear directions and using an unfamiliar device. Most of the content was created using Flash and Java.

 Here are a few things to take away from the session:

Lillian Soon’s site: http://www.xlearn.co.uk/sms

A resource for 3gp videos to use on mobile phones: http://www.videojug.com

A great (and free) converter for all kinds of media: http://www.media-converter.com

Learning games and other mobile software: J2ME: http://www.getjar.com

Various bluetooth servers:

Image Credit: “_B6B1855.jpg”; Handheldlearning’s photostream:


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