Carnival of the Mobilists #96, and Issues of Mobility

This week’s Carnival of the Mobilists is hosted by Rudy de Waele at m-trends. Lots of links to new developments in mobile hardware and software, as well as an update on various mobile events. My favorite post of the week is probably Russ McGuire’s post on Mobile 2.0: Mobile Internet vs. Mobility, in which he asks,

what about mobile is a fundamental driver of change into the economy?  I think there are three pieces that come together to answer that question.  The first is the truly “always on, wherever you go” nature of mobility.  The second is that mobility is the first truly personal information technology with mass adoption.  The third is that the mobile device can have greater visibility into the context in which it’s being used than previous technologies – obviously starting with location and presence, but with potential for so much more.

… If mobility is simply taking the Internet to new places, then I’ve just wasted a couple of years of my life writing a useless book.  If, however, mobility enables things that were impossible before, then mobility can change the rules of competition across industries and I hope lots of business people read my book and take critical lessons from it.

While McGuire focuses on commerce, I think you could easily replace “economy” with “education”, or better yet, “learning”, and “competition among industries” with “education”, and so on, and his quote would still make a lot of sense. What do you think?

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