Carnival of the Mobilists #97

It’s Monday so it’s time for a new Carnival of the Mobilists! This week’s episode is hosted by Andreas Constantinou at VisionMobile. A more industry-oriented piece this week, although I did find one interesting post by Antoine Wright about the challenge of being an early adopter of technology. Here’s a snippet of his post:

I do understand the pull of doing something new as some methods of doing work and socializing come about and am willing to try what might help me do it better regardless of the opinion of others. Its a relevant point in my life to make sure that for whatever tech does, that I am not managed by it but that I manage it. But I also understand that others won’t understand that unless they can see the relavancy in their lives as well. And that is where I see a lot of the web/mobile 2.0 movement failing. There are a ton of services and applications out there. But very little that has made Joe and Suzie Consumer run out and try it.

Interesting post and one that definitely applies to teachers…..

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