International Association for Mobile Learning has formed

The Kaleidoscope Mobile Learning SIG has been a strong group in the field of mobile computing for education. At Handheld Learning 2007 there was discussion about moving forward with this group, and scaling up its efforts on a more global scale. And now, this seems to be happening. Here is a message I received from Mike Sharples a few days ago (via I’m excited about the new developments outlined below, as I think they will help advance the research in the area of mobile learning/learning while mobile:

Dear colleagues,

At the mLearn 2007 conference in Melbourne, the International Association for Mobile Learning (IAMLearn) was inaugurated. Its aim is to provide a professional association for researchers and practitioners, to promote excellence in research, development and application of mobile and contextual learning.

The Association is registered as a not for profit company in South Africa and the founding committee comprises the Chairs of previous mLearn conferences. I was honoured to be elected its founding President.

Committee positions will be open for re-election at mLearn 2008, to be held at Ironbridge, UK ( A draft constitution was presented at the founding meeting and this will be revised during the coming weeks.Although the Association was born at the mLearn conference, the intention is for it to be an inclusive organisation. One task for the coming year is to engage mobile learning researchers in a discussion on how we can manage the rapid growth in the field and to bring some coordination to the growing number of conferences and journals in the area of mobile, handheld and pervasive learning.You can find a temporary website for the Association at where you can register interest (don’t send your money yet!). We have secured the URL and that will become the address of the organisation soon. Benefits from membership will include reduction in registration fees at the mLearn and Online Educa conferences. We shall be negotiating deals with other conference organisers.Most important, IAMLearn should be a forum for all those with a professional interest in mobile learning. Please send us your suggestions as to how the Association can develop over the coming months and years.With best wishes,Mike Sharples————-
Mike Sharples
Professor of Learning Sciences
Director, Learning Sciences Research Institute University of Nottingham Exchange Building Jubilee Campus Wollaton Road Nottingham

Image Credit: IAmLearn Logo at


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