Social Networkers Reach Out More with Cell Phones…

… which is the title of an interesting article that appeared in USA Today a couple of days ago that discusses the market potential for mobile social networking. The piece basically reaffirmed my belief that mobile and connected are strongly related and that one reinforces and amplifies the other.  A couple of quotes that struck me:

Senior analyst Jill Aldort of the Yankee Group calls “mobile social networking a hot market with lukewarm potential.” (with regards to profitability)

Jyri Engeström, co-founder of mobile blogging site Jaiku, says, “Mobile social networking is more like ‘social peripheral vision.’ You have an idea what people who somehow matter to you are up to.”

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz says its mobile user base is growing faster than the website. … “Things that are inherently social are inherently mobile.”

But location-based networking has Big Brother implications. “It’s really cool, but it’s also possibly the creepiest thing happening,” says Facebook’s Moskovitz. Privacy controls are crucial. Buddy Beacon, for one, lets you switch to a “cloak” mode to stay under the radar.

The article also sports a sidebar with a listing of some of the more popular mobile social sites, including ComVu PocketCaster, Flickr Mobile, Groovr, JuiceCaster, JumBuck and Multiply.

Finally, there are a few interesting thoughts in the string of contents, especially those that are more critical of the whole 24/7 connectivity and feel the need to be disconnected from time to time. My favorite one is by McGarrett:

Why don’t they just wire a social networking chip in our brain? Oh yeah, our brain is already wired for social networking. So why do I need this?

Thought provoking indeed ….


Image Credit: “rickshaw-phones”, abaporu’s photostream at


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