Handheld Learning 2007: A Few Reflections (Finally)


I wrote down some reflections on the Handheld Learning Conference a while back. They’re finally up on the Handheld Learning website. A couple of excerpts so you’ll go read the whole thing 😉  :

Most Interesting Idea I Heard: Moving towards a model of learning in which learners provide the mobile devices and institutions of learning. Several people mentioned this idea in their presentations, including Pekka Pirttiaho from Mobiletools. As Tony mentioned in his reflections, it is also refreshing to note that the conference’s main focus was learning.

Best New Device I Saw: Samsung’s Q1 (closely followed by Graham’s “mobile” phone from the 1980s ).

Most Obvious Absentee: Palm OS (for me this was a big deal as most of what we’ve done in the US has been with Palm OS-based devices).

Image Credit: Handheld Learning:

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