Handheld Learning 2008

 handheldlearning 2008

Handheld Learning 2008, the world’s premiere conference on mobile learning, is on for Oct. 13-15 in London! The conference website went live yesterday, and how!! Even though I’m on the advisory team for the conference, Graham Brown-Martin told me he had a few surprises in store. And did he! Check out the list of confirmed speakers:

The provisional program isn’t bad either, and can be found here. I’m already looking forward to the conference and I hope you are too (At least some of you are, the first registration came in within 10 minutes of the conference site going live). This one is very highly recommended, but make sure to register by July 31 to receive your FREE Nintendo DS!!

Also don’t forget that Handheld Learning 2008 follows right on the heels of mLearn 2008 in Shropshire, making it very easy (and tempting) to attend both.

Image Credit: www.handheldlearning2008.com


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