Handheld Learning 2008 Update

handheldlearning 2008

A quick update as some of the deadlines have been extended. From the Handheld Learning newsletter:

:::> Handheld Learning 2008


Wow! Delegate places are going faster than ever this year with over half of our initial allocation already sold. Is it the offer of the free Nintendo DS and game that you get to keep or is it the free invitation to the Handheld Learning Awards Party on the evening of Monday October 13th? or could it be that mLearn 2008 is running the week before, making this the world’s biggest celebration of mobility and learning ever?

To meet demand we’ve expanded the conference space and have now introduced a research strand to the event. The proceedings and programme will be ISBN numbered and published.

We have extended key dates for submissions and nominations for awards and urge you to visit the following link to avoid disappointment:

If you haven’t yet made your nominations for the Handheld Learning Awards then why not? Head over to:

We’re celebrating innovators and innovations, not tin! This will also be a party so be prepared to have fun.

Exhibitors are coming on board quickly and include industry leaders such as RM, Steljes, Toshiba, PC World Education, Wildkey, Futurelab, Becta, Childnet, e-Learning Foundation, Fourier Systems, Apple, Sanako and Koch Media.

RM are also sponsoring a breakout session and Channel 4 are this years media sponsor.

If you haven’t registered then please do it soon to avoid disappointment!

If you’re on Facebook you may like to visit the HHL 08 Facebook page at:

Image Credit: www.handheldlearning2008.com

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