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Carnival of the Mobilists #143

Even though the Dow Jones dropped 778 points and stocks like Apple and Google took some solid hits today, the Carnival of the Mobilists just keeps on going. This week’s edition is hosted on the Smartphones Show. 

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Another Update on the Handheld Learning Conference: Awards Finalists

Handheld Learning 2008 Awards

Experience Innovation. And be a part of it.

Finalists Now Announced!

Fasttrack to awards page hereDear Colleague

Vote now!

The Judges have reviewed the nominations and have decided on the Finalists. Now it is up to you to decide the winners.


You may cast your vote via standard rate (or international standard rate if using non-UK operator) SMS txt message. Voting closes on Thursday October 9th at midnight GMT.We are pleased to announce that the main sponsor for the Awards is:


I Am Jack

Award categories have been kindly sponsored by:SlitherineLanway

Edutxt RedHalo

Come to the Party!


Monday 13th October, The Brewery, London, 19:00 – 23:00The party is a celebration of people and innovation in new learning and teaching practice. Attendance is FREE to all Handheld Learning Conference delegates, finalists and their guests.


Rather than a dreary dinner jacket dinner affair (after all, there is no dinner!) the evening promises to be highly entertaining and enjoyable featuring:

– Live Blues and Jazz Jam (bring your talent!)
– Drinks reception (lashings of ginger beer)
– Cash bar (take it easy!)
– Videogame tournaments (how old is your brain?)
– Socialising & networking (work it baby!)And…

The presentation of the awards with Johnny Ball as MC.

Unassigned seating is available for those tired of dancing but there is a limited number of tables that may be reserved (small fee involved) along with drinks pre-ordering for those wishing to celebrate in style and make sure they are near the stage. For information on this option click here

We look forward to seeing you at the party!

The Handheld Learning Team (meet us)
Meet the Handheld Learning Award Judges (here)


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Update on Handheld Learning 2008

13-15 October, The Brewery, Barbican, London

Experience Innovation. And be a part of it.

Getting closer! I’ll be presenting of some of the work with mobile phones we’ve been doing at Kent State as well as coordinating the research strand. From the folks at Handheld Learning:


Countdown to Handheld Learning

Register now!

Dear Colleague

Great news about one of the fastest growing conference’s for new learning and teaching practice. Nearly 800 delegates have now registered and we have less than 100 places left. Please register now if you haven’t already and save £50. Final block bookings are also being taken, click here for more information.

The conference programme has been updated and features an unprecedented, not to be missed, line-up of world renowned thought leaders, innovators and key practitioners over a breath-taking three days. Without doubt this is the most ambitious programme we have ever compiled. Please take a look here.

We are pleased to announce that Disney and Studywiz are supporting the event as main sponsors:

Cindy Rose, Senior VP, Disney Interactive Media Group will be presenting in the “Virtual Worlds & Social Networks” session and Geoff Elwood, CEO, Etech / Studywiz will present in the “New Learning Horizons” discussion.

O2 are hosting an interactive workshop titled “Engaged, Inspired Mobile Learners” featuring presentations from Dr Mike Short, Dr David Whyley, Kirsty Tonks, Sandra Taylor and Richard Barkey.

O2 Workshop

Promethean are hosting the “Emerging Technologies and New Practices” sessions in the Promethean Pavilion, chaired by Mark Robinson, featuring a range of presentations and workshops from practitioners working at the leading edge.


As part of this years debut research strand, Stuart Anderson, senior engineer, Apple UK will be running an important one hour workshop for those developing applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Apple iPhone Workshop

In addition to the conference there is the largest exhibition devoted to the use of mobile technologies for learning featuring the leading players in this sector. Please see here.

For those unable to join the full conference please note that the Handheld Learning Festival – powered by Next Generation Learning on Monday 13th October is FREE to attend and participate in. There’s a lot going on including:

Next Generation Learning Showcase

Learners Y Factor with Johnny Ball
Pecha Kucha for 21st Century Educators
Learners & Practitioners Zone

And in the evening we have the FREE to attend Handheld Learning Awards for Innovation (tables may be reserved, click here for more information).

We very much look forward to seeing you at this years conference!

The Handheld Learning Team (meet us)
The Advisory Group (meet us)


Carnival of the Mobilists #142

Hosted this week by entrepreneur Ofir Leitner at Next Generation Mobile Content, the Carnival is brimming with posts about the latest mobile ideas and projects.

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Regulating Content on/in Student Owned Tools: Where Do We Draw the Line?


Librarian completely disregarding his own "no mobiles" sign by hugovk.

Regulation of content on student-owned digital tools (whether hardware or online) by school authorities has been an ongoing debate for a while now (see for example this post  or this article I wrote about a year and a half ago). Where do we draw the line? The issue has become even stickier when it comes to student-created content outside of school that has nothing to do with learning, but could be considered immoral, illegal, or unethical. Often, this content will make its way to students, teachers, and/or administrators and have substantial consequences, such as in the case of a student in North Carolina who was suspended for 10 days for posting an altered picture of his school’s assistant principal on MySpace (Student Press Law Center); or a 2005 incident in which school officials of the Northside School District in San Antonio, TX considered holding MySpace responsible for unrest caused at a high school after several students posted threatening messages on the Web site.

Now this discussion has become even more heated with regards to the use of student-owned mobile phones for learning. According to a post by Tony Twiss on the Upwardly Mobile Blog:

Something that a number of students involved in focus groups I have conducted has been students questioning whether or not their phones would become regulated if they were to be used for school.  They are talking about the personal content on their phones – and while none have specifically mentioned pornography, an example of offensive content such as racist images was given.

So – debates about what is and isn’t acceptable on a person’s private property that is being used for school will really start to heat up as the walls come down and cellphones creep in to schools. However, I think this is healthy.

Obviously this debate will not be limited to mobile phones as more digital tools make their way into schools, especially web-based ones.

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Mobile Learning 2009 in Barcelona

I won’t be able to go to this one, but I’ve heard it’s a good conference:
Barcelona, Spain, 26 to 28 February 2009
* Conference background and goals
User Created Content & Mobile Technologies: From Consumers to Creators bypassing the Learning opportunity?

Over the past three years Mobile and Social technologies have featured strongly in the Horizon Report series which examines emerging technologies likely to have an impact on teaching, learning. Mobile devices have progressed from an adoption projection of two to three years in 2006, to a much more imminent adoption prediction trajectory of a year or less in 2008. Whether earlier the educational value of mobile technologies was thought to be delivery of content to people’s devices, the emphasis now has clearing changed to focus on their capabilities that enable users creating and sharing content.    

The ‘former audience’ combines traditional activities such as searching, reading, watching and listening, with producing, commenting, sharing, and classifying its own content. New genres of filmmaking and photography where the message gains ground over the form are developing. The proliferation of user-created content is fuelled by the wide availability of at-hand mundane technology such as mobile telephones, and the wider broadcasting outlets. These are mainly web-based however increasingly user-created content such as videos of breaking news stories feature in traditional broadcasting channels as for instance television.
The increasing range of web 2.0 and mundane technology choices, facilitating the development of user-created content and providing opportunities to meet and collaborate, offers immense potential for teaching and learning. However, the danger remains that the transition from consumer to creator might miss the learning opportunity. Topics

The IADIS Mobile Learning 2009 International Conference seeks to provide a forum for the discussion and presentation of mobile learning research. In particular, but not exclusively, we aim to explore the transition from content consumer to content creator in experiences that take advantage of the learning opportunities this provides.


• Pedagogical approaches and theories for mLearning
• Collaborative, cooperative, and Contextual mLearning
• Creativity and mLearning
• Gaming and simulations in mLearning
• mLearning in educational institutions: primary, secondary and third level
• Informal and Lifelong mLearning  
• New tools, technologies, and platforms for mLearning
• User Studies in mLearning
• The social phenomenon of mobile devices and mLearning
• mLearning in developing countries
• Speculative ideas in mLearning: where next?

Carnival of the Mobilists #141

Chetan Sharma at Always On Real-Time Access rounds up this week’s blog post gems from the mobile industry’s busy week of events, including CTIA, TC50, DEMO, Mobile Web Strategies, and many others.

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