An iPod Touch for Each Student?

Stack of iPod Touches by The Pug Father.

About a week old, but still an interesting story about a roll-out of iPod Touch devices at a middle school in Chapel Hill, NC. While the article does not specifically state what the iPods will be used for, the principal has this to say:

“It’s a world we better figure out, because we can’t ask our students to come into a classroom, put those things aside and sit in a row and think we’re interesting,” she said.

“We’re just not that interesting.”

Of course there is the usual talk about technology being used as a tool to serve student learning, etc. etc. There is an interesting example at the end of the article about a school in Idaho that banned iPods because they were supposedly used for cheating. Is it just me or maybe we should be looking at new forms of assessment instead of falling back upon the usual ban and punish tactics?

And of course don’t forget to read the comments to the story, always enlightening…

Image Credit: “Stack of iPod Touches”, the Pug Father’s photostream,


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