Seeing with Your Ears


As I was perusing Phoload, a new sharing site with free mobile downloads, I ran across the vOICe MIDlet for Mobile Camera Phone, which is a cool piece of technology for mobile devices. According to the description,

The vOICe seeing-with-sound MIDlet translates live views from a camera phone into sounds that you hear via the phone’s speaker or headset, thus targetting sensory substitution applications for the totally blind, and even synthetic vision. The vOICe uses pitch for height and loudness for brightness in a left to right scan of any view. Includes talking color identifier.

According to the developer’s site, it runs on laptops and UMPCs with cameras, but I think the most fascinating and useful version is the one that runs on camera phones. There is lots of info on this site, but make sure to read the user comments. Makes you appreciate the gift of vision a whole lot more!

Image Credit: the vOICe MIDlet for Mobile Camera Phones site:


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