Sign Language over Cell Phones in the U.S.

MobileASL visualization techniques


Following my recent find of “seeing with your ears“, today I ran across some research being done at the University of Washington  that will allow “hearing-impaired users might soon be able to use sign language over a mobile phone, like in Japan or Sweden”. The technology is based on the American Sign Language (ASL):

“The goal of the MobileASL project is to increase accessibility by making the mobile telecommunications network available to the signing Deaf community. Video cell phones enable Deaf users to communicate in their native language, American Sign Language (ASL).”

According to the article, a big obstacle in the U.S. is, not surprisingly, the ability to do two-way video using mobiles. Anyway, another interesting way in which mobile phones will be used in the near future.

Via Golden Swamp and SmartMobs

Image Credit: UW (see the ZDNet article)


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