Handheld Learning, Day 2, Laurie O’Donnell

Streaming video files are here and here

Putting philosophy into practice (speech was more of a discussion than a presentation)

Philosophy A v. B

Interesting example of what success in education means: Finland: how safe do you feel on the streets, how healthy are your people, longevity, how many people do you send to jail? It goes way beyond improving test scores or training productive workers. You want citizens, community activists, good parents….

Technology is a catalyst for change, it does NOT drive change. People make changes to make the world better.

How do you pay for scalability and sustainability?

Question on assessment: Assessment person who answered -> we need to provide learners the environment to learn, we can’t just teach them to learn. Assessment bodies are fairly powerless when it comes to developing assessments as they mainly apply the policy that comes from higher up.

  • Implementation with a little help from
  • Politicians (committed to long-term development)
  • Civil servants (who see the big picture and can manage risk)
  • Secure funding (not based on projects)
  • Great people who are doing the right things for the right reasons
  • Resilience
  • Hard work and a whole lotta luck

And of course students …

Image Credit: My camera


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