Taiwan Trip, Day 1, Taipei (Oct. 19, 2008)


I’ll be starting a series of posts today, reflecting back on a 7-day trip I took to Taiwan last week (Oct. 18-26), to attend the APEC ACA 2008 Conference on ICT and Global Virtual Learning Communities. The trip itself was one of the best, if not the best, I’ve ever taken. As I will chronicle over the next few days, I learned a lot about the educational system in Taiwan as well as the country itself.

I arrived in Taiwan on Saturday night, October 18, after a very long trip. I had really been looking forward to this week, as I was finally going to meet some of the fantastic people I have been working with for the last two years on the APEC Cyber Academy. Of course we went out for a “snack” once we got to the hotel at 11 pm (this, btw, turned out to be a full meal, one of countless ones we would have over the next week).

Sunday was sort of our day off, as most people were arriving on this day. Four of us went into Taipei, where we visited the Nashan Fude Temple, which has the largest statue of the God of Earth in Taiwan and some fabulous art work and views of Taipei to boot. I’ll let my pictures do the talking here:






And my first taste of what a visual overload many cities in Taiwan are. Sometimes it makes your eyes hurt 😉

Image credits: my camera

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