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Taiwan Trip, Day 2, Arrival in Lugang and Wen Kai Elementary (Oct. 20, 2008)


After leaving Taoyuan County we drove down towards Lugang. On the way we were supposed to stop at a glass museum, which was closed:



Quick thinking by our tour guide had us instead going to an old sugar factory, now turned into a museum (well, part of it is more like your average tourist trap). We explored for a little while and saw some remnants of what used to be a thriving industry:




After another hour or so on the bus, we arrived for dinner at Lugang Elementary School. According to our translator, we were going to have some Lugang snacks, which ended up being a full dinner consisting of a large rice dumpling (wrapped in a leaf, can’t remember what kind), shrimp ball soup, and noodles. It was simple, but very tasty.

Following dinner we went on a walking tour of Lugang, visiting a variety of Matsu temples, dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea to protect the sailors and fishermen. It was still warm and many people were outside. Here are some pictures of what we saw:






All in all, this was a very busy day, although little did I know that the days to come would be even busier!

Image Credits: my camera