Taiwan Trip, Day 3, Lugang and Wenkai Elementary (Oct. 21, 2008)


The day at Wenkai Elementary turned out to be an extremely busy one. We saw a brief presentation on digital technologies used at the school, and how Wenkai has done quite well with relatively little (Lugang is in a rural county, Changhua, and doesn’t have as many resources for education as some of the more urban areas like Taoyuan County or Tainan). The entire school has 41 computers in one lab, and one computer with Internet connection in each classroom. All of the equipment has been donated. Students in grades 3-6 have one computer class per week (40 minutes), which isn’t much, especially considering that a lot of time is used to teach typing skills, both in English and Chinese (and believe me, typing in Chinese is much more difficult, as individual characters are formed with multiple keystrokes. However, in addition, the school offers workshops for teachers as well as the community. For the latter it is offering basic computer literacy training, and parents are taking advantage of this. Since 1999, the school has won many awards for various contests, including the APEC Cyber Academy.

We saw several musical performances, starting outside at the school gate with a Lion Dance, then a puppet show, Taiwanese traditions (music, theater, calligraphy), learned some calligraphy, learned how to play with tops. Student performers came from five different local schools. We took lots of group pictures as the morning progressed. Then of course, there was lunch…




Following lunch was a tour of the school, including a visit to the teachers’ office and the computer lab, where we saw a typing skills class. We ended our visit with tea in the principal’s office, and off we went …




Teachers’ Office




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