Taiwan Trip, Day 4, Chia-yi (Oct. 22, 2008)


As quickly as my trip to Taiwan went by, it’s taking me a long time to actually finish writing about it. Day 4 of the trip was Wednesday, and we spent most of the day in Chia-yi. First we visited Lantan Elementary School, where we received another very warm welcome by school officials, teachers, students, and even the deputy mayor! The interesting thing about Lantan is that it has a substantial astronomy program. In fact, the school has its own observatory as well as planetarium. We got to see both facilities, and I have to say that I was very impressed, especially with the fifth graders who showed us how to run the large telescope. Here are a few pictures of our visit:










Following the tour of the school and various presentations by teachers and students, we spent some time with local teachers and students, mostly playing icebreaker types of games to learn each others’ names. It was actually a very pleasant part of the visit (and of course there was food!).

For lunch we took a quick ride over to one of the other schools in Chia-yi, Min Syong Elementary. Again, we got a tour of the campus, which was large and very well maintained, like all of the other schools we visited during the week. Saw some interesting stuff here, including kickball, and a separate classroom for Scouting!









And after a delicious lunch (the same that the students ate there that day; much better than the American school lunches), off we were to Tainan!


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