Carnival of the Mobilists #164


It’s Monday, and time for another issue of the Carnival of the Mobilists. It’s an honor for me to be able to host the Carnival, and for the third time already. While the economy is hitting on some lean times, the same can not be said for the amount of submissions to the carnival this week. Thanks to everyone for some great contributions this week on a wide variety of topics. And off we go….

Mobile Applications and Development

Lots of interesting news in the area of mobile applications and development this week. Jamie Wells at Mobilestance wrote an interesting post about Google’s development of the Android OS, and wonders if Google is really commited to native app development or whether it will move its apps into the cloud once web app performance is more up to snuff. Tom Deryckere shares his visions for making Drupal a mobile CMS system. James at mjelly took the UCweb mobile browser for a test drive . Take a look at James’ post to read his review and download the browser for yourself.


Mobile Communication

We use our mobiles to communicate in lots of different ways, but Tsahi Levent-Levi at Radvision argues that mobile VoIP apps are “not really made to stick“; hop on over to his blog to find out why. On the other hand, Toni Ahonen posted a long and well-thought-through anwer to the question: 3 billion use SMS, what does that mean? In addition, Andrew Grill over at London Calling discusses a “Eureka moment with twitter + mobile + search that should be worrying the heck out of Google”.

Mobile Content

Besides communicating, we use our mobiles to access all kinds of content. Aaron Chua from Wild Illusions makes the case for the mobile ebook market picking up pace. However, Judy Breck questions whether we need to duplicate information that is already available online into packaged content for one app or another. Interesting juxtaposition…


Mobile Marketing

Some of the content comes to us in the form of advertisements. Matt Radford at discusses that advertising on mobile phones is most effective when you get consumers “to want to install it themselves”, by focusing on two movie tie-in iPhone apps that don’t need connectivity to deliver their message. And, once you’ve come up with that brilliant marketing strategy, Russell Buckley at mobhappy reveals 10 secrets to winning advertising awards.

Mobile Statistics

Of course, to be a successful advertiser you need access to demographics and statistics. Chetan Sharma’s wireless data market update is a comprehensive update of said market in 2008, focusing on the 4th quarter, while Andreas Constantinou looks at 8 Megatrends that are shaping the mobile industry in 2009. Volker Hirsch also chimes in with a post entitled Recession? Where?” Asks the Smartphone… “. There’s lots to be gained from these three posts, but even so, Barbara Ballard cautions us to be careful with your statistics, as published reports on mobile use leave her with more questions than answers.

Post of the Week

A difficult decision this week, but the honor of best post goes to Andrew Grill at London Calling, with Toni Ahonen’s coming in a close second. Congratulations to both on some insightful writing!

Next week’s Carnival of the Mobilists will be hosted at VisionMobile. Keep up the great writing and don’t forget to submit your posts for next week to As always, both new and seasoned writers are welcome to contribute 🙂


Image Credits: various pictures called Carnaval Weert 2009 from FaceMePls photostream:


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