It’s a Busy Time for Mobile Learning, but a Good Time…


It’s been a very busy year for mobile learning, and I haven’t really had the time to write much about it. So, long overdue, here is a sampling of some of the many recent activities:

Following the Mobile Learning o9 Conference in Washington DC, I virtually participated in the 3rd WLE Mobile Learning Symposium at the end of March (some references to the symposium are here; the book of abstracts can be found here (our papers on the GeoHistorian project and mobile math are on pp. 63-68).

About two weeks later I did meet some of the Symposium’s organizers, as I served as the discussant on their forum session at AERA in San Diego, entitled “Symposium proposal entitled “Outside in and inside out: interdisciplinarity and mobile learning research”. Presentations included:

The presentations were followed by some lively discussion, as evidenced by the fact that most attendees in the audience stayed for an extra 30 minutes. For me, the forum was one of the highlights of this year’s AERA.

Today, I just finished participating in Tony Vincent’s session (archive video is here), sponsored by ISTE’s SIGHC. The hourlong session, attended by roughly 65 participants from all over the US and Canada, went virtually without a glitch, and attendees were very pleased with the content and the level of participation that allows, with live video broadcasting, chat, a twitter stream, and the possibility for members of the audience to discuss and ask questions “on the air”. I think we’ll see more of these sessions in the near future. Of course, Tony did a stellar job on his presentation! He blogs at and there are quite a few recent posts on the iPod Touch.

And speaking of blogs, Elliot Soloway and Cathie Norris recently launched a blog called Tech Disruptions, hosted by District Administration. They “address topical issues that arise as technology continues in its inexorable way to engender changes in K12. Here is your opportunity to express opinions about the changes that technology has wrought.” More about Elliot and Cathie’s work in the area of mobile learning can be seen in this video by the Mobile Learning Institute.

Two new publications of note are a 320-page book entitled “Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training” edited by Mohamed Ally and published by Athabasca University is available for sale or as a free PDF download. (Click on eBook for the PDF download.); the second one is a new issue (Vol. 3, No. 2 (2009)) of the International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), providing us with a broad range of papers that are prefaced by John Traxler’s “Mobile Learning – A Snapshot of 2008”, in which he states that “Mobile learning has gained greater clarity about the significant issues and a more sharply defined research agenda” (p. 4).

Finally, I’m gearing up for NECC, where SIGHC will be renamed SIGML (Mobile Learning) and host a forum at the World War II Memorial in Washington DC (the forum is sold out already). Handheld Learning 2009  (keep an eye open for the research strand) in London and mlearn 2009 in Florida are not too far off either.


Never a dull moment …

Image Credit: “analogue-clock” from Mark Birkbeck’s photostream:

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