This Was Supposed to Be a Day of Celebration


From CNN: “Dutch police charged a man with trying to attack the royal family Thursday after he crashed a car near a bus carrying Queen Beatrix and her family, police said. Four people were killed and 13 injured in the incident in the Dutch town of Apeldoorn, about 45 miles east of Amsterdam.”

Can’t really say too much about what happened at the festivities in Apeldoorn today, other than that what happened is very sad, and will have a lasting impact in the Netherland and expatriates (like myself). What was supposed to be a festive day for the royal family and above all, the country, ended in tragedy:

Coverage from CNN, and from the NOS (in Dutch)

For background info on Queen’s Day, a national holiday in the Netherlands, see here and here.

Image Credit: “Nederland buigt het hoofd na vier doden en nog een heel stel (zwaar)gewonden in Apeldoorn” from grwsh marcel’s photostream:


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