Another Mobile Round Up of Sorts


News about mobile tools in education abound lately. Here is an overview of some of the most recent articles on the web:

Mobile Tools in K-16

The University of Missouri’s School of Journalism has made an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch a requirement for incoming freshman, but school officials said the rule won’t be enforced. Read the article to find out why.

The University of Virginia is wondering “When every student has a laptop, why run computer labs?” In 2007, only 4 of 3,117 freshmen showed up without one. So are the savings of not running labs worth it?

In Japan, Tokyo-based university Aoyama Gakuin gives a free iPhone to students in the School of Social Informatics. However, they use it as a tracking device. Find out here how (via CrunchGear).

As school leaders ponder the implications of new technologies for their classrooms, one dedicated New Jersey educator has turned theory into practice, using the iPod to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) students.

This new paper describes how Australian teachers are using the iPhone and iPod Touch to A. assist them as Educators, and B. to enhance learning. As such, it presents a vital survey of apps and ideas to be shared with other teachers also beginning to use this platform. (via mlearning world).

QR Codes

We’ve been preparing for our mobile learning Forum at NECC, where we’ll make use of QR codes for learning as part of our GeoHistorian Project. Here is an interesting post about QR codes in Japan, that shows how popular they have become there.

Some examples of QR code use in education and then some more come from Mr. Robbo from Australia, with a link to Andy Ramsden’s paper about QR code use in education as well.

Another useful application of QR codes could be in libraries

Want to know more about the various uses of QR codes? Check out CodeZQR’s blog!

Despite their potential, Trendplanner asks if QR codes will ever take off outside of Japan. According to the post, the UK isn’t quite ready yet, I wonder if the same is the case for the USA.

Mobile Learning Events

In Heerlen, the Netherlands, my home country, the Surf Academy recently hosted a spring school on mobile learning. Wilfred Rubens posted some notes from one of the keynotes. The post is in Dutch, but in a nutshell, the keynote speaker, Matthijs Leendertse of TNO argues that mobile learning can aid educators in reaching four goals of education: interactivity, collaboration, anywhere anytime access, and creating opportunities for informal learning.

North Rowan High School is sponsoring an Open House on Thursday, May 21, 2009 to showcase the new iPod touch Digital Learning Environment program that began this current school year at North Rowan High for all ninth-graders.  

eLearning Africa, the 4th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training will be held on May 27 – 29, 2009 in  . The conference always has a focus on mobile learning, given the number of mobile devices available and the lack of reliable terrestrial Internet access in Africa.


And finally, here is a way to modify your standard WIFI antenna into one just like the $30 range extender antennas for about 5 cents, using a screw, a piece of wire, and a straw. Not sure how well it works, but it seems easy enough to try.

Image Credit: “Fluid Forms QR Buckle Close” from Fluid Forms’ photostream:

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