An Update on NECC 2009: SIGML Forum (We Found Kilroy!)


Ran across this posting on the Ning group by Helen Crompton this morning, who was one of our volunteers at the SIGML forum at NECC in DC:

I have been asked to explain more about the NECC WWII session. For the session we had to have phone with internet connection. The session began with a quick history of the WWII memorial the design and some opposition incountered towards the memorial. As a quick overview we were then given a leaflet that told us to go to certain parts of the memorial, when we reached those parts we looked at our leaflet, read the short information there, then used the program Scanlife on our phones to scan the code for that section in our leaflets. The code took us to a web page or a sound file etc. giving us more details about that part of the monument.
While we were doing this there were a group of students being lectured to by a tour guide and they were more interested in what we were doing with the phones.
We have iTouches in school and I could download the app, they could then connect to the local wifi. I could use this to send the students off on a tour in the classroom getting them to work through problems on many subjects. If they went on a tour to the museum I could plan beforehand, they could find the artifacts and after scanning they could find out further information, or even listen to me as I tell them that they need to pay particular attention to.
I could go on forever with tasks I can set with this tool. Even young children could use this tool and it could connect to sound files.

I was especially pleased that she wrote the sentence I highlighted above. Goes to show what the power of mobile devices for students is these days. Thanks Helen!!!

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