Mobile Learning Round-Up, Week 38

This week’s (well mostly) highlights from the World of Mobile Learning:

Mobile Learning Stuff:

Did You Know 4.0 has been online for about 10 days now. Another interesting iteration of the Did You Know videos, with Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod providing background information on their blogs. The mobile revolution is here!

Learning Is an SMS Away: Mobile Phones in Education is an interesting article about how mobile phones are being used in Africa to connect educators.

What happens when you give a class of 8 year old children an iPod touch each? which is a question they asked at a Junior School in England. Hop on over to see the video that gives you the answer.

Mobile Learning Programs/Projects:

“Campus-In-A-Pocket”:  Mobile Learning Program Provides Anytime, Anywhere Access
to Online Education Resources.

Mobile for Museums: “This site addresses those needs by proving a brief overview of what is being done in the mobile museum world and offers suggestions based on this research on how to economically provide mobile users with a positive experience with your museum.” Interesting site and I hope to see more content there soon. Mobiles and museums are a natural fit, whether the exhibits are indoors or outdoors.

And right at the buzzer I got this one from Shawn Gross, about his Project K-Nect: Students Praise Use of Social Media in Math Class. Students in Project K-Nect have been using mobile phones for math for a while now, and very succesfully. Read the news story to find out what’s in store for them next…

Mobile Events:

Here is a list of events for the month of October as listed by Mobile Active. Interestingly enough, mobile learning conferences are not mentioned…

And of course don’t forget about the upcoming Handheld Learning 2009 Conference in London on Oct. 5-7. I’ll be there to coordinate the research strand, which promises to be excellent and includes speakers from four continents!

Mobile Reports:

Hispanic Broadband Access: Making the Most of the Mobile, Connected Future is a new report published by Mobile Future. According to the announcement, the implications for education are that “Parents are able to keep in close contact with their children’s teachers regarding assignments, behavior and academic progress while on the go thanks to texting, email and mobile connectivity.” While important, I think we need to think beyond the adults having the phones. What about implications for student learning?

Mobile Technology

Here is an interesting post on Gizmodo on Microsoft’s tablet project. The pictures and video look promising, but then, this is Microsoft, so we’ll have to wait and see.


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