Carnival of the Mobilists #218

This week’s edition of the Carnival is hosted by mobsessed:

Mobilists of the world, welcome to Mobsessed, and the 218th edition of Carnival of the Mobilists. Its my first ever hosting of COTM, so feel very privileged to be part of its ongoing success.

We have quite the eclectic mix of posts this week, and for those of you who read this blog more regularly will be glad to hear there is no iPhone bashing from yours truly this week. Le’ts get the ball rolling….

Carnival of the Mobilists – the weekly line-up of top-notch mobile blogging from experts and mobile passionatas — the Carnival exposes you to the very best posts of the previous week, all written about mobile and gathered together in a central place. You can read the summary on the host’s site and click on any story that catches your eye. Each week, it’ll be hosted at a different site, so you can visit the Carnival and experience both new writers about mobile, as well as all your old favourites. To contribute to the Carnival, send your entries to

Image Credit: Carnival of the Mobilists, Logo:

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