SIGML Book Study Chapter 13: Mobile in Teacher Education

The SIGML book study is covering the last chapter of “Mobile training: Transforming the delivery and of education and training” this week. The chapter, written by Jocelyn Wishart, describes

a small-scale project, funded by the UK Teacher Development Agency, where all teachers and trainee teachers in one secondary school science department were given handheld Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) for the academic year. The aims were to build m-learning and m-teaching capacity, to enable school based associate tutors to join the e-learning community linked to the local initial teacher training course, and to encourage reflective practice amongst trainee teachers.

To find out whether or not this was successful you’ll have to hop on over to the SIGML Book Study Ning. Next week we will wrap up our discussion of the book with its editor, Dr. Mohamed Ally from Athabasca University.

There is still time!! To join the discussion, please register for free at You can download the book for free at If you’d like a hard copy, it can be ordered from Athabasca University at

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