RCET Receives NEH Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant

Reposted from the RCET site:

The National Endowment for the Humanities recently announced 28 new awards for the Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants program to support innovative projects in the digital humanities. RCET received one of these grants for its Geo-Historian project. The Geo-Historian project is aimed at educating K-12 students to become local historians who create digital content for an audience that transcends the walls of their classrooms. Project activities will include the creation of curriculum on how to do digital, local history, training teachers how to apply it in their classrooms, and implementation in local schools. Student-created digital content will be accessible in relevant historical locations in the City of Kent via QR codes that can be scanned with mobile phones.

The project is scheduled to begin in September 2010 and run through March 2012. Project partners include the Kent Historical Society, the Kent City Schools, and students from Kent State University’s Honors College.

For the press release and a list of all NEH awards, please click here.

As one of the project directors I’m really looking forward to getting this project started, now that it’s finally received the funding it deserves. We’ve got lots of ideas of where to go with this one, so stay tuned!


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