Using Twitter to Recreate WWII in “Real Time”

Real Time World War II (@RealTimeWWII) is one of the more interesting applications of digital technology for learning about history I’ve run across lately. According to sources such as the BBC, NY TimesGizmodo and TNW, the idea came from Alwyn Collinson, a 24-year-old Oxford graduate in history. According to the feed itself, RealTime WWII is

Livetweeting the 2nd World War, as it happens on this date & time in 1940, & for 6 years to come. Contact: See translations via Facebook (

I really like this innovative use of a digital technology to help users more directly “experience” a historical event. I could also see this idea being applied for use in K-12 social studies education with events of a shorter duration or more limited scope. And while others are sceptical, I for one hope that Alwyn will be able to keep posting his WWII tweets for the next five years 😉


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