About Me

Brief Bio:

I currently work as a Sponsored Programs Administrator at Kent State University‘s Office of Sponsored Programs. Before that, I worked as a researcher and technology specialist at Kent State for almost 12 years. I was active in the area of mobile learning since 2001, starting with the Palm Education Pioneer Project. In 2005 I was a founding member (and now past-chair) of the Special Interest Group for Mobile Learning (SIGML) of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

I am very interested in the idea of ubiquitous computing for teaching and learning. As a former social studies and language arts teacher, I’m especially interested in ubiquitous computing in these two areas. For more information about my work see the My Publications and My Presentations pages on this blog.

Because of my educational experiences, I’ve been quite a few places. I hold a B.A. in American Studies from the Catholic (now Radboud) University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands (yes, I am Dutch :)), and an M.A. in History from Southwest Texas State. I received my doctoral degree from Kent State University in 2005, with a dual major in Curriculum and Instruction, and Evaluation and Measurement. I am also a Certified Research Administrator.

Why the Title?

Of course I had to come up with something clever :D. The title means the thoughts in this blog are ubiquitous because:

  • they deal with ubiquitous computing for teaching and learning;
  • they span a wide range of ideas;
  • I tend to come up with them whenever and whereever;
  • they will hopefully be read by many people.

So there you have it…


Opinions and reflections published here as posts are entirely those of the author. Discussion posts, signed by others, belong to the signed authors. The content here does not reflect the opinions or thoughts of anyone else, including my employers.

Last updated 11/15/17

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