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GeoHistorian Project White Paper

Now that the GeoHistorian Project has been virtually completed, it is time to take stock and see what we accomplished. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the project yielded much more than we had originally anticipated, including a solid curriculum that can be replicated elsewhere, a host of presentations and publications, and above all, a set of almost 30 QR code markers that links historical sites in Kent, Ohio. Last but not least, the project was instrumental in building stronger relationships within the local community.

The details can be found in the GeoHistorian Project white paper, which can be downloaded here.

Dedication of Markers at Davey Elementary School

The 25th and 26th markers were installed at Davey Elementary School today, as part of a special dedication ceremony. Fifth grade students and teachers, parents, the Kent City Schools’ superintendent and assistant superintendent, and several local guests enjoyed watching the digital stories and received project brochures.

The viewing was followed by the installation of the QR code markers for Davey Elementary School and the John Davey House. The markers were installed in the main office window (second window to the right of the main entrance). Here are some pictures of the event:

QR Markers #23 and 24: Kent Block and Opera House

Installations are fast and furious now, as we near the end of the GeoHistorian Project. Two more markers were installed on properties owned by the local Hometown Bank, i.e. the Home Savings Plaza (formerly the Kent Block), and their drive-through location (formerly the Kent Opera House). It’s hard to imagine that these two sites used to be the home of some very large buildings, as the photos below illustrate:

Historical images courtesy of the Kent Historical Society.

QR Marker #22: DePeyster Building

Installed by the Kent City Schools:

GeoHistorian Brochures

To increase publicity for the GeoHistorian Project, we have created two brochures that will be available at many of the sites that have QR code markers as well as other venues in the community. In addition to the printed brochures, we decided to also make them available online:

Brochure Part 1 (pdf, 7.1 MB)
Brochure Part 2 (pdf, 9.2 MB)

Part 1 of the brochure contains the first 10 sites we did in spring 2011, as well as a scavenger hunt; part 2 of the brochure contains the 18 sites we covered during the fall of 2011. The brochures were created as trifolds, so if you decide to print one out, you should print the two pages for each one front to back.

Instead of waiting to get these out until the final markers have been installed we are releasing them now, as the weather is getting nicer and more people are out and about…

Marker #21 Installed at Stoddard’s

We’re getting closer to the end, with the 21st marker being put in place at Stoddard’s last night. Of course we couldn’t leave until we had had some icecream too 😉

20 Markers Installed, 9 More To Go

Today we installed the 21st QR code marker at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Kent. A few pictures of the installation: