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Handheld Learning 2008 Update

handheldlearning 2008

A quick update as some of the deadlines have been extended. From the Handheld Learning newsletter:

:::> Handheld Learning 2008

Wow! Delegate places are going faster than ever this year with over half of our initial allocation already sold. Is it the offer of the free Nintendo DS and game that you get to keep or is it the free invitation to the Handheld Learning Awards Party on the evening of Monday October 13th? or could it be that mLearn 2008 is running the week before, making this the world’s biggest celebration of mobility and learning ever?

To meet demand we’ve expanded the conference space and have now introduced a research strand to the event. The proceedings and programme will be ISBN numbered and published.

We have extended key dates for submissions and nominations for awards and urge you to visit the following link to avoid disappointment:

If you haven’t yet made your nominations for the Handheld Learning Awards then why not? Head over to:

We’re celebrating innovators and innovations, not tin! This will also be a party so be prepared to have fun.

Exhibitors are coming on board quickly and include industry leaders such as RM, Steljes, Toshiba, PC World Education, Wildkey, Futurelab, Becta, Childnet, e-Learning Foundation, Fourier Systems, Apple, Sanako and Koch Media.

RM are also sponsoring a breakout session and Channel 4 are this years media sponsor.

If you haven’t registered then please do it soon to avoid disappointment!

If you’re on Facebook you may like to visit the HHL 08 Facebook page at:

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NECC 2008

I’ll be off to San Antonio for NECC in a little more than two weeks. The venue sort of makes things come full circle, as my I attended my first NECC there in 2002. Here are the events that I will be involved in this year:

SIGHC Forum: Mobile Devices Are Reshaping the Way We Learn 
Mark van’t Hooft, Kent State University with Cathie Norris, Elliot Soloway, Tony Vincent, David Whyley, and Jill Purcell 
Monday, 6/30/2008, 10:00am–12:00pm; HGCC 217 D
(We’re increasingly mobile and so is our learning. What is learning while mobile? How does technology support it? Hear from the experts).

SIGHC Annual Meeting
Mark van’t Hooft, Kent State University
Monday, 6/30/2008, 4:45pm–6:15pm; HGCC 101 B
(Learn more about SIG activities, network with colleagues, and engage with SIG leadership).

Using Technology to Think with Data across the Curriculum
Karen Swan, Kent State University with Evren Koptur, Annette Kratcoski and Mark van’t Hooft
Tuesday, 7/1/2008, 2:00pm–3:00pm; Grand Hyatt Seguin A/B
(Data literacy is often taught in isolation. Technology can be used to teach it across the curriculum, using digital tools to represent/manipulate data sensibly).

If you’re at NECC, stop by and say hi!

Carnival of the Mobilists #126

This week’s issue is hosted by, who says that

The Carnival of the Mobilists is halfway through its third year and it comes as no surprise that it’s still going strong after 125 editions. The Mobile Industry has been very lucky to have a huge amount of talented people who are passionate about the industry and share that enthusiasm online. COTM has proven to be a great tool in bringing that passion together and helping spread the word across the Internet.

So here we are at #126 and there is no shortage of excellent entries again this week.

Enough said …

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Handheld Learning Presentation Proposals Due Soon!!

handheldlearning 2008

On Friday, May 30, to be exact. I’m still working on mine, how about you?

So far, all indications are that Handheld Learning 2008 is going to be the best handheld learning conference yet. The list of keynotes is first-class, and it’s worth attending the conference just to see them. However, I’m mostly looking forward to see what will happen when 1,000 people or so all have access to the same device (a Nintendo DS) for the duration of the conference.

You can register for the conference here.

 Submit your presentation proposals here.

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RCETJ Special Issue on Learning While Mobile

In the past couple of months I’ve been the guest editor for RCETJ’s special issue on learning while mobile. The issue went live this afternoon, and I’m very pleased with the way it came out.  

Here is the lineup (articles are all freely accesible):

Bridging the Gap? Mobile Phones at the Interface Between Informal and Formal Learning
by John Cook, Norbert Pachler, and Claire Bradley

Affordances of PDAs: Undergraduate Student Perceptions
by Yanjie Song and Robert Fox

The Effect of Information Visualization and Structure on Mobile Learning
by Hyungsung Park

Using Place as Provocation: In Situ Collaborative Narrative Construction
by Deborah Tatar, Steve Harrison, Alli Crandell, and Matthew Shaefer

A Personalized Mobile Mathematics Tutoring System for Primary Education
by Xinyou Zhao and Toshio Okamoto

Thanks to all who contributed!!

To subscribe to the journal, please go here.

RCETJ publishes the original, refereed work of researchers and practitioners twice a year in multimedia electronic format. It is distributed free of charge over the World Wide Web to promote dialogue, research, and grounded practice.

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Carnival of the Mobilists #120; Death of the Mobile Web?

You’ll just have to find out the answer to that question yourself, so head on over to Skydeck for this week’s Carnival of the Mobilists!

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Handheld Learning 2008

 handheldlearning 2008

Handheld Learning 2008, the world’s premiere conference on mobile learning, is on for Oct. 13-15 in London! The conference website went live yesterday, and how!! Even though I’m on the advisory team for the conference, Graham Brown-Martin told me he had a few surprises in store. And did he! Check out the list of confirmed speakers:

The provisional program isn’t bad either, and can be found here. I’m already looking forward to the conference and I hope you are too (At least some of you are, the first registration came in within 10 minutes of the conference site going live). This one is very highly recommended, but make sure to register by July 31 to receive your FREE Nintendo DS!!

Also don’t forget that Handheld Learning 2008 follows right on the heels of mLearn 2008 in Shropshire, making it very easy (and tempting) to attend both.

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