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In the category “cool stuff for gaming”, Nintendo has developed the WiiFit, which is a logical extension of the Wii concept of more physical interactivity with your video games that started with Wii Sports. From the HippocraTech Blog:

The WiiFit bundle comes with a copy of the WiiFit and the Wii Balance Board. The game begins by calculating your BMI which it then uses to set your individual fitness goals. After the game obtains the necessary information, your body receives a “real age” based upon your BMI rating along with the appearance of your avatar. So you may be older or younger, based upon your “real age” and how healthy you’ve been keeping yourself. After the 20 seconds the system takes to determine your BMI, you have a variety of games to choose from, including yoga, skiing, and soccer.

The same post discusses more about the Wii, when it will be available in the US (it has already been launched in Japan), and links to the video trailer, which is worth a look. As this post on the GoNintendo blog affirms, it’s too bad the Balance Board uses batteries…

And who said you had to be a couch potato when playing video games?

Image Credit: Nintendo E3 2007:

NokMote – Wii style interface with your Nokia !!

I ran across this post (click on the link to get the video) on the Moblearing blog via the Handheld Learning forum. Make sure to watch the entire video. This was just too cool to let go!

Image Credit: By Samir website: